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Why Regular Kitchen Exhaust Fan Maintenance Matters In The Winter Months

February 12th, 2022
Here in Portland, it can be easy to be lulled into thinking spring has arrived when we get a few sunny, warm days in February. In gardening circles it’s often jokingly referred to as the “spring of false hope” and we could still see some snow and ice be… more »

3 Keys To Kitchen Fire Safety

November 5th, 2021
The Hood Fire Suppression System When the system’s sensors are activated, the fusible links will snap causing the nozzles to discharge a chemical agent over the equipment and into the duct and plenum. This will starve the fire by removing the oxygen an… more »

ServSafe Free COVID-19 Training Suite Update

October 30th, 2021
This week the National Restaurant Association and ServSafe announced that their free suite of COVID-19 training modules had been updated with a new video entitled “ServSafe Operating Guidance: COVID-19 Precautions”. Per Sherman Brown, executive VP of T… more »

Taking Advantage Of Food Holidays To Promote Your Restaurant

October 22nd, 2021
From National Spaghetti Day on January 4th to National Fried Shrimp Day on December 20th, there’s likely a food holiday suited to your menu that will provide ample opportunity to engage your customers and attract new diners. Once you’ve reviewed a list… more »

2021 National Food Safety Month

October 1st, 2021
September is National Food Safety Month and this year’s theme was Know Safe & Show Safe. As in previous years, the National Restaurant Association has held a month-long series providing free posters, activity sheets and blog posts with a weekly focu… more »