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Restaurant Gift Cards Among The Most Popular Holiday Presents

November 27th, 2021
In August, Paytronix released a report showing May and June sales of restaurant gift cards were up 54% over the same period last year. That momentum shows no signs of slowing down with gift cards continuing to be popular both among those buying holiday… more »

The Hottest Menu Trends For 2022

November 20th, 2021
The annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast from the National Restaurant Association was released this week. The survey consisted of having 350 professional chefs from the American Culinary Federation rate 109 food items and culinary concepts compiled by Te… more »

The State Of What Feeds Us – 5th Installment On Consumer Trends

October 14th, 2021
Over the last 16 months Bluedot Research has been collecting data on consumer restaurant trends and expectations. For their latest edition of The State of What Feeds Us they surveyed 1,508 adults to gather the latest information aimed at assisting resta… more »

State Of The Plate Offers A Glimpse Into Current & Future Food Trends

July 9th, 2021
Grubhub recently released its third annual “State of the Plate” report looking at ordering trends from tens of millions of their mobile app users during the first half of 2021. Along with revealing which foods were most popular during that time, it also… more »

Diner Insights As Restrictions Are Lifted

July 2nd, 2021
In Oregon, and many other parts of the country, pandemic restrictions on restaurant capacity and operation hours have been lifted and OpenTable has released its latest data on diner behavior. Gathered from a survey of over 17,000 restaurant patrons from… more »