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National Restaurant Association Releases Mid-Year Report

September 9th, 2021
The 2021 State of the Industry Report mid-year update has been released by the National Restaurant Association (NRA). As stated in the press release, the report provides insight into the continued impact of COVID-19 on the foodservice industry by lookin… more »

Industry Leaders Release New Guidelines For Dining Safety

April 7th, 2021
Working to clarify and streamline federal, state and city guidelines, leaders in the restaurant industry have collaborated to release the first set of national safety standards for dining. Consisting of one-page summaries and infographics of essential i… more »

Restaurant Service and Safety

February 11th, 2021
This week 10 Oregon counties, including Multnomah, are moving from the “extreme risk” category to “high risk”. This means that beginning February 12th restaurants and bars will be allowed to resume indoor dining at 25% capacity or a maximum of 50 people… more »

Yelp Reviewers Can Now Leave Feedback On Covid-19 Safety Measures

January 13th, 2021
Yesterday Yelp announced on their blog that customers will now be able to leave feedback on how well a restaurant is following coronavirus safety measures. Reviewers can respond either by survey or via the “Edit” button in the COVID-19 section of a rest… more »

Resources For Navigating The New Shutdowns

November 18th, 2020
Within the last week the Governors of Oregon and Washington (as well as many other states nationwide) have implemented a new round of shut-downs aimed at curbing the surge in COVID-19 cases. The hospitality industry will be hit by this harder than any o… more »